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Know Your Bot's History!

This new feature is a key to building better bots, by making it easy to view the timeline of a bot’s life, including edits that have been made & analytical data from previous iterations of each bot.

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Build the Best Fitting Bot for Your Business

Which use case is the best fit for your business? We’re looking at common use cases and sharing pro-tips to inform bot building, depending on your end goal.

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Video Conference in Instabot

Access video conferencing from within your chatbot. Admin users can begin the video conference on a secure peer-to-peer network instantly from within the Conversations Portal. There is no installation or set-up required. Instabot allows you to move interested, qualified prospects to a “face-to-face” meeting in seconds

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Best Practices for Engagement with Teaser Messages + Automatic Launch

The Instabot team is sharing best practices based on analytics we’ve collected over the years. Our first lesson will guide you through best practices with teaser messages and automatic launch.

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Universal Appointment Scheduling

Now you can have visitors request or schedule appointments with your team without connecting your calendar. This can also allow your visitors to schedule appointments when your team has different or more niche calendar platforms (e.g. Yahoo, YouCanBookMe, Apple, etc.)

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Easy NLP Node

Natural language processing (NLP) adds power to your chatbot, allowing you to answer hundreds of questions. Instantly add NLP to your bot with our new NLP node. We have pre-trained nodes allowing you to leverage NLP without all the work of training your bot. Add more power in less time. (This is just the beginning of a new roll-out of NLP feature set…get excited!) 

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