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Easy NLP Node

Natural language processing (NLP) adds power to your chatbot, allowing you to answer hundreds of questions. Instantly add NLP to your bot with our new NLP node. We have pre-trained nodes allowing you to leverage NLP without all the work of training your bot. Add more power in less time. (This is just the beginning of a new roll-out of NLP feature set…get excited!) 

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Optimize your NLP Faster

Part One in our series on leveraging NLP within chatbots; it's easy enough to be done by non-technical bot creators too!

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Adding NLP in Your Chatbot is Easier!

Now adding natural language processing (NLP ) in your chatbot is now even easier.

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The ABCs of NLP: The Basics

We’re bringing NLP to the people with this lesson on the basics of natural language processing, and steps for practical implementation of NLP in your bots!

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Here's an update and learnings from our tests to enhance NLP in our chatbots using different platforms

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Build Smarter Chatbots with Google's Dialogflow

Part 2 in our series on leveraging NLP gives a step-by-step guide on building smart bots by incorporating DialogFlow, Google's AI System

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