Five Best Bot Platforms to Check Out

Chatbots are relatively new technology, so perhaps you haven’t heard much about them. Well there’s no better time than now to familiarize yourself, because chatbots are going to change the communication game. Don't believe us? Ask Forbes

Instabot is proud to be one of the pioneers and experts in this industry. We're here to help you learn more about bot tech and implement chatbots onto your platform to transform your business!

Chatbots are designed to respond like humans in conversation and reach your consumers where they want to be reached (which is typically online or on mobile devices). They automate communication, reducing the need for round the clock, in-person assistance. Popular use cases implement bots for customer service, site navigation, and marketing needs. Some offer simple, more generic assistance, and others, like Instabot, can smartly anticipate what users need and address them accordingly. Companies in all industries from eCommerce to music, and even HR, are starting to leverage chatbots to manage communication tasks and gain valuable insight on their users.

Chatbots can be programmed in a number of ways and utilize different mediums. We’ve compiled a list of popular bot types and awesome platforms for each type. Think of it as a guide, to help you begin navigating the world of chatbots.

Voice/Speech Processing- Alexa

When compared to the competition, Alexa usually comes out on top. Amazon has made their Amazon Lex platform available to developers, to further the uses of this voice tech for speech recognition, text recognition, and conversational interaction. Now developers can bring Alexa onto their existing apps!

Social/Messaging Apps-

These bots bring everything onto one platform: messaging apps, to accomplish your task there. can integrate their bots onto whichever app you use, whether it's Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, or Viber. 

Conversion Bot- Instabot

Instabot is focused on helping you understand your users' needs, provide information, and convert visitors into action quickly and effectively. You can easily launch Instabot on your existing email, website, or mobile app, in 20 minutes or less-- and try it for free. We’ll even build your first bot for you! No coding necessary.

Personal/Office Assistants- Amy (

Amy is’s personal assistant bot. It’s great because Amy works just like a personal assistant, who can schedule all your meetings. Amy works via your email account and will take over scheduling tasks from the initial request to setting up the appointment--easy! And depending on your preference, your office assistant can be called Amy or Andrew.

Customer Service bots- Zendesk

Zendesk Message is designed to help scale customer support using Facebook Messenger. With rich media cards, a bot can be designed to make product suggestions and have conversations will that help build the relationship between brand and customer. 

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