Our Favorite TV and Movie Bots

With artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and robot citizens, modern life is looking more and more like science fiction. But somehow, we're wrapping up 2017 and we still can't buy flying cars or teleport...yet.

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A lot of today’s technological advancements began with someone's imagination running wild, to solve the problems people face. Some of the digital assistants we use today have even been inspired by the futuristic visions we’ve seen projected on Hollywood’s big screens.

This week, we asked our colleagues in the New York City office to share their favorite AI and bot characters from TV and film. We’ve compiled some of our top picks below (in no particular order); maybe your favorites made the list!


1)     Wall-E from Wall-E-

Why? This lovable, calm robot cares about the environment, will clean up your junk, and never complains. He’s a good bot that’s willing to go through anything for love.


2)      Vicki from Small Wonder-

Why? Who wouldn't want a robot for a sister? Vicki’s superhuman strength and her gymnastics skills would make for an awesome sister (and bodyguard).

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3)      Terminator/T-800 from The Terminator

Why? He’s a protector that cannot be destroyed. This iconic character has a great accent and hall of fame worthy quotes. Terminator is a hero we all need.


4)      Max from Flight of the Navigator-

Why? He’s a sentient interstellar/shape-shifting spacecraft with a sense of humor! Apparently Max was so amazing, he inspired a colleague's dream of becoming a time-travelling child astronaut!


5)      J.A.R.V.I.S (now known as Vision) from Marvel Universe-

Why? He's incredibly advanced and has such a welcoming personality. He does a good job of taking care of Tony Stark and the Avengers in their escapades as well as in their everyday life. 

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6)      Baymax from Big Hero 6-

Why? Baymax is a huggable, lovable healthcare companion. He’s such a kind caretaker, and alternatively great at kicking butt. In true hero fashion, Baymax sacrifices himself for his human teammates in order to complete his mission.


7)      TARS from Interstellar-

Why? TARS had a very unique design that was functional on a physical and computational standpoint. Even though he looks like a big machine at first glance, he had a fun sense of humor.


8)      Joshua/WOPR from War Games-

Why? The movie is memorable as one of the first to demonstrate a real “bot”/ artificial intelligence, growing up in the eighties. This classic film contemplates how we can use technology and how it can affect us.

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9)      Sonny from I, Robot-

Why? He’s a super freak athlete with a big heart. He is just trying to understand who he is, and ultimately is a hero for mankind.


10)      Johnny-5 from Short Circuit-

Why? Short Circuit is a childhood favorite for those who grew up in the eighties. Johnny-5 was memorable for being funny and crazy, with a big heart.


11)      Rosie from the Jetsons-

Why? Rosie was just as sassy as she was wise, and took great care of her home. How would Elroy live without her?

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12)      R2-D2 from Star Wars-

Why? He’s a very independent and smart little bot! R2-D2 is loved because he’s funny, resourceful, brave, and always saves the galaxy.


Who are some of your favorite bot characters from the big screen? Let us know in the comments below!