3 Well-Known Brands That Could Use A Chatbot

Interest in chat bots is rising as brands discover new ways to utilize the technology to connect with their consumers. That said, thus far, the use cases for chatbots have been limited to basic customer support functionality or humorous/cringe worthy conversations with a robotic human “personality.” For brands to create bots that are less novelty and more substance, they’ll need to figure out how the bot is actually bringing value to the user experience. See below for three different ideas for how brands can use a bot to improve user experience.

1. Suggestion Bot Helps A&E Improve Content Search-ability


A&E has a great mobile app that allows users watch the cable network’s content on a mobile device. But like all products with tons of content to choose from, users can spend more time searching for content than actually consuming it.

Currently, the app’s search functionality helps users looking for specific shows, but this tool won’t help users who’re browsing. To help users browse content efficiently, A&E could introduce a helpful show suggestion bot. In this example conversation, the bot asks the user if they’re interested in the “most recent,” “most popular,” or “classic favorites.” If the user selects “most popular,” and the bot would make some recommendations.

There’s nothing show-stopping about this chat bot, but it does provide a simple and easy way for the user to navigate the app. And as a benefit to the brand, the bot conversation can be managed on a web dashboard, that way, every time new content is released the bot can update without altering the app’s code.

2. Web Bot to accompany Pepsi’s “Pepsi Pass” App


Pepsi has an app called Pepsi Pass that allows users to collect points by taking selfies and pictures of Pepsi bottles (fun!). Those points can then be exchanged for prizes like headphones or concert tickets. While the app feels like a complete experience, the accompanying website appears to have been an afterthought. Case in point: the page directs users to “Hang out. Enjoy Pepsi. Get Points. Repeat.” but they forgot to mention why – (it’s about the prizes right?!?).

To create a more engaging experience for this landing page Pepsi could introduce a bot to hype up this month’s prizes. The bot could ask users what type of events they’re interested in, whether it be music, sports, or live events, then ask users where they are located, and finally show them all of the fun ways to redeem Pepsi Pass points in their area. Sign me up!

3. Pre-flight check-in bot for Cheap O Air


The travel industry has been quick to adopt chat bots, some with greater success than others. You’re likely to learn more from your daily horoscope than Julie the Amtrak bot, but the KLM bot is a pretty slick way to get your boarding pass. I think Cheap O Air could be the next to add a helpful bot to the mix.

Imagine there’s a change to your flight 6 hours before departure. Cheap O Air sends you a push notification to let you know there’s been a change. After opening the push notification, the pre-flight bot could offer to complete some helpful tasks such sending as an email to your hotel or car rental agency letting them know your flight has been delayed. No car or hotel, the bot can direct the user to airline customer service, cancelation policies, or weather reports.