5 Chatbots Solving Real-World Problems

With so many chatbots popping up on the internet everyday, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. As chatbot enthusiasts, we have picked out our 5 favorite bots that we think are disrupting the chatbot space by solving a an important problem for their users. Give it a read and you might find yourself speaking with some of these bots soon afterwards!

Buoy Health

Buoy Health is setting out to help users with diagnosing their symptoms efficiently and effectively instead of spending hours mindlessly googling on the Internet. Buoy’s algorithm analyzes your answers in real time and based on your response, figures out what questions to follow up with. Within minutes, users will receive a detailed understanding of their symptoms and their possible diagnosis.


Pitchbot is great for all entrepreneurs looking to perfect their pitch. Pitchbot lets you choose from four types of VCs - angel investor, incubator, seed fund, vc firm - for you to tailor your pitch towards each group. It asks you questions and depending on your answer, it provides a customized response and also shows how optimistic the “VC” is feeling. With Pitchbot, entrepreneurs can pitch their startup to see if they get an offer or a pass from the bot which will help them tailor and polish their pitch even more for their real life meeting.


Visabot is the first immigration tool powered by artificial intelligence and it’s determined to help users with their immigration woes. Visabot helps professionals relocate to the United States by informing users of the types of visas they can apply for, their chances of getting the visa, and the supporting documents they would need to apply for it. Visabot currently supports three types of visas (B-2 Extension, DACA, H-1B Transfer) and are looking to add more very soon. With recent announcements regarding visa change in the United States, Visabot wants to use its technology and knowledge from visa lawyers to help as many individuals stay in the country and continue pursuing their careers.


Cindybot, based off of British advertising consultant and technology entrepreneur Cindy Gallop, is determined to help women get the compensation they deserve at their existing jobs. By asking about the individual’s job zip code and position, Cindybot populates the median and highest salary of the job for the user. It then walks the user through a series of questions to help them better understand their value at their job and motivate them to ask for a raise. With the existing pay gap between men and women and many research supporting the notion that women are less likely to negotiate than men, Cindybot is trying to address a very relevant issue. Know someone in your life that is not getting the compensation that they deserve? Then send them to Cindybot!

Duolingo Bots

We all know the difficulties of learning a new language but Duolingo wants to mitigate problem by launching their new feature of AI-powered characters to help users prepare for real-life conversations. Each character can be tailored to fit the user’s language proficiency. Speak with Chef Roberto, Renee the Driver, Officer Ada, and many more characters to improve your everyday language abilities!