Creating Relevant Content Bots

You are on the marketing team at your company and are looking for something to post on your corporate twitter account that will get people talking. Something that is cheap, but interesting to get eyes on your brand. So your options are targeted ads, post a photo, or maybe link to a press release?

We believe there is a better option in creating engagement content through social relevant chatbots. To demonstrate what I am talking about, I have created a sample InstaBot conversation that you can try below. This is a 4th of July bot that was written to create some funny perspectives on people’s holiday traditions.

4th of July Bot

The goal of this bot was to tell a story that is a little fun, historical, but relatable to the holiday. Above all get people to interact with your brand in a positive way.

In the above example I have added a prompt to ask for email, but you could use subtle prompts in your bot to collect any user information. Some examples we have seen are:

- Lead Generation

- User Preferences

- User Sentiment – opinion on a certain matter

Things to be careful of

Make sure you create the conversation with the same voice/tone that reflects your business values. If you are a company that relates to a serious subject, you don’t want to go overboard on trying to be funny as it could backfire. Additionally you want to make sure you are not talking at the user, and instead speaking as if it’s a live conversation.

Also know what kind of conversation you want to have. The 4th of July bot was a story that required a few engagement points. But the goal was to be informative so longer text prompts made sense. Other bots like the examples below, require a lot more user engagement and therefore longer text prompts to the user are not recommended as there is generally a larger drop off rate.

Content that is relative to social topics such as concerts, holidays, sporting events, etc. are a fun and easy way to communicate with your users. A great experience leads to a positive opinion of your brand and can lead to higher user retention rates for your core business.

Try building some bots out for yourself and check out some other recent content based bots we recently created.

Mad Lib Bot

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