The app inventor’s guide to unlocking investment funds

The great thing about ideas is that they don’t cost anything. Today there are more ways than ever to turn your app ideas into something material for close to free, but at the next steps of app entrepreneurship, you’ll need more than pocket change. This article is for app inventors who already have a minimum viable product on hand.

When you’re ready to truly launch your product into the world, you’ll need sufficient capital and a team of people behind you who can help you take it to the next level. This role is often best filled by experienced angel, seed, and venture investors. The key to securing an investor or investors is doing your homework. You’ll need to first take your idea to the people who can push the concept, and you, further. Think of securing funding as looking for a new job, because that’s really what it is. You’re on the hunt for the funds that will make self-employment and professional self-realization possible.

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