Drive Leads from Your Blog with a Chatbot

So you’re looking to add a chatbot to your blog? We can help you out, and with the Instabot portal, you can have your bot up and running in no time! We’ve found that chatbots are useful for many different use cases, and placing a bot on your blog can be highly effective in enhancing your communication.

What is a chatbot?  

Chatbots helps businesses and site owners automate interactions with visitors and existing users. Chatbots make it easy for you to communicate with users by giving them pertinent information, answering questions, and even collecting information for administrators to learn more about each user.

Benefits of Chatbots on your Blog

Wondering whether a chatbot can help drive engagement on your blog?  You’re spending time, effort, and budget on creating amazing marketing content. Make the most out of it with a chatbot that can automatically communicate with your blog readers and build your email marketing list. Make it easy for subscribers to stay up to date with your content, and quickly turn visitors into subscribers. Chatbots live on your blog and can communicate with visitors whether they are on a desktop or their mobile phone; they can be embedded in emails and social media posts as well.

Uses for chatbots on your blog

You can place a chatbot directly on your existing site to help you:

1.     Build your email marketing list

Are you still collecting emails from your blog the old fashioned way? Use a chatbot to quickly collect contact information from your users. Now you can add users to your mailing list as soon as they input their email to the chatbot conversation.

 2.   Personalize content to users

You can use custom properties to gather user preferences and build user profiles. Utilize that information to tailor the blog experience to each specific visitor and keep them engaged with your content. Easily recommend related information and articles that speaks to their interests, and avoid bombarding them with irrelevant communications.

3.    Answer questions

Rather than have users wait to get a response from an admin, or need to implement extra manpower for live chat, your chatbot can automatically answer questions. The “FAQ bot” function is popular; it allows you to anticipate what questions users have, and build your chatbot to provide the best responses. With free text responses, chatbots can gather unique questions users have, and automatically notify you so that you can promptly attend to that user’s needs.

4.    Convert people into your lead generation cycle

Chatbots work great as a tool for lead capture. Because your Instabot can tell you a reader’s preferences, you can easily tailor messaging to each user, based on what you already know about them! Contact users with offers that speak to their specific interests, and turn a passive reader into an engaged customer! When using chatbots for our lead capture strategy, we’ve seen 5-15% conversion rates from marketing ads alone!

Want to get a bot on your blog now? Contact us at and we’ll help you get started!