Creating Chatbots for Good

Common use cases show how great bots are for business purposes: improving lead generation and increasing conversions. However, chatbots can be leveraged for impact on social issues: easily informing and engaging with large audiences--pushing people to join a movement or make a change! Our team at Instabot wants to be part of this change.

We're on the search for #BotsforGood, seeking opportunities to build chatbots for socially-focused causes and non-profit organizations. As part of the campaign, the Instabot team is pledging to build a free chatbot for one non-profit organization each month.

If you’re part of a non-profit and interested in participating, please e-mail us or sign-up using the form below.

We’re kicking off our first #BotforGood for a mission close to our heart, Strawless Ocean.  

Our first Bot for Good: Strawless Ocean

The Lonely Whale Foundation is focused on bringing people together to care for the environment and uniting people around ocean health advocacy. Their Strawless Ocean initiative aims to educate people about the dangers of plastic products to our oceans--specifically plastic straw pollution.

Here are some facts you should know:



Using Instabot as a tool in their Strawless Ocean campaign, Lonely Whale uses Instabot to educate site visitors of the dangers of single-use plastic straws to our oceans and marine wildlife. The chatbot encourages users to “Take Action for a Strawless Ocean” with informative content and calls-to-action. Users are invited to take #StopSucking challenge, by signing their pledge to refuse single-use straws. They can easily learn about ocean-friendly alternatives to support, and share the campaign within their respective networks with the click of a button.

With their successful “Strawless in Seattle” campaign, the Lonely Whale Foundation recorded the removal of over 100 million plastic straws in 2017 sourced from social media alone, and they supported policy change that will make Seattle the largest metropolitan city to ban the single-use plastic straw in July 2018! The challenge doesn’t stop there, and chatbots will be useful in spreading the word internationally.

We’ll update you on the launch and success of the bot during this campaign.


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For philanthropic organizations, chatbots can be used to easily tell your story, organize a community of supporters around your cause, quickly raise funds, and more! Instabots can be embedded on your site, mobile app, email, and social media to push a movement like Strawless Ocean.

Wondering about creative ways you could use chatbots for good? Venture Beat recently featured such bots, including Raheem and Spot, which are part of a growing trend towards “a tech fueled social revolution”. Let us know how your organization would use Instabot to broaden social impact and support a good cause, and we’ll help you build it!

Nominate a nonprofit organization that could use bots to expand their reach and broadcast their message, by sending us an email at, or simply fill out the form below. Be sure to share stories about #BotsforGood with us, @instabot_io, using the hashtag.



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