Instabot for your WordPress Site, in a Snap

Now it’s even easier to add a chatbot to your Wordpress site--Instabot has an official plugin, now available on WordPress!

Check it out! 

Instabot helps increase conversions.

Instabot can automatically chat with visitors and gather information such as preferences, feedback, or leads. Use Instabot to curate your site, and improve marketing to new visitors and loyal customers and users.

With Instabot’s powerful, easy-to-use platform:

  • Automate communication with users and push information when they’re on your site,
  • Quickly build, launch, and edit bots on the fly—no technical skills or developer necessary,
  • Promote site content smartly with enhanced conversations that leverage artificial intelligence & natural language processing
  • Easily integrate bot data with internal platforms or third-party tools such as MailChimp, Google Docs, Salesforce, etc.
  • Gain insights about user behavior and demographics, to optimize user experience and conversions

With Instabot’s WordPress plugin, integration is much easier!

  • Launch Instabot on your WordPress site with one-click install!
  • No code necessary! Any non-technical person can integrate Instabot
  • What used to take 15 minutes to integrate now only takes 1 minute!

You can find “Instabot” in the WordPress plugin store. Simply install the plugin, insert your API key and then your Instabot is officially integrated with your WordPress site! You can create your chatbot (or as many as you would like) and launch them onto your site.


Need help building your first bot? You can try Instabot on your site for free, and we’re happy to help! Just email us at!