Launch Chatbots Based on User Sessions!

Instabot just launched a great functionality where you can target users based on the number of times they have interacted with a chatbot on your website or app!

Why is this cool?

This new feature allows you to track how many times someone has interacted with your bots, whether it’s to ask FAQ or find key information.

Now that you know how often users are coming back, why not send them messaging based on their experiences? By tracking user sessions, you can easily format different conversations based on this new behavior metric to further engage users and make your website fresh and modern!

Use Cases

Lead Generation: Target repeat visitors to gather email addresses and more information about their needs. Prompt users to sign up for services and demos!

Customer Support: Engage users who are frequently interacting with the same FAQ or Support bots and get them in touch with your team directly or offer more detailed assistance!

What does it look like?

One way we’ve begun leveraging this feature is to target returning users on our own blog page.
When a first time user visits our blog and reads one of our articles, they will see an Instabot automatically launch asking if they would like to ask any questions or sign up to receive email newsletters.


When the user interacts with the bot, their session is automatically logged in the Instabot portal. So the next time the same visitor comes to read an article, a different bot will be shown to them. This is where you can get creative and try out different strategies. On our blog, we encourage returning users to sign up for Instabot!

"Welcome Back" chatbot shown to returning visitors

"Welcome Back" chatbot shown to returning visitors

How do you set this up?

You can easily configure this in the triggers page of your Instabot!

From your bot builder:

  1. Go to the Triggers page

  2. Scroll down to “Who”

  3. Set your desired parameters for “Users who have visited…” and

  4. Save!

You can set the parameters to target users who have visited any number of times, or more than, less than, or exactly, a specific amount of times.


And that’s it! You’ve created a User Segmented Bot! If you have any questions about this feature, or would like to try it for yourself, email us at and we’d be happy to get you started.