Set It & Forget It: Launch Instabot on a Timer

Instabot recently launched a functionality where you can program your chatbots to launch during specific time periods! Check it out!

Why is this cool?

There’s no need to manually turn your Instabot on and off within the portal, just set it and forget it! Your Instabot will do the work for you, from going live to gathering user information, providing customer support, and qualifying leads.

Use Cases

Supplement Live Chat:

Use Instabot in conjunction with live chat support on your site with a bot that will automatically take your place--what could be better? You can easily restrict the time of day that chatbots will launch on your site, whether that be outside of regular business hours and even on the weekends. Chatbots help you provide round-the-clock support without the need for extra manpower!

Schedule Chatbot Campaign Deployment:

When using your Instabots for different web campaigns, you can set each conversation to run during a specific time of the year or certain days of the month. The Instabot will only appear on your site during that time period, without needing to manually turn each bot on and off. You can use this feature to preset chatbots to go live at future dates as well.

How do you set this up?

You can easily configure this feature on the ‘Triggers’ page of your Instabot!
Simply go into the bot builder:
1) Go to the Triggers page
2) Scroll down to configure “When” your Instabot will display to customers & visitors
3) Set your desired parameters for the Instabot to be “Active During”, and save!

You can set the parameters to launch the Instabot during certain days of the month/year, designated times of day, or for corresponding time zones.


It’s that simple to set up! Your Instabots will launch during the established time periods and interact with site visitors!

If you have any questions about this feature, or ideas for other awesome features you’d like to see, email us at and we’d be happy to get you started.