Launch Chatbots Based on Referrer URLS!

Instabot has made it easier to trigger chatbots based on where your users are coming from with Referrer URL targeting! You can now easily configure your bots within the Instabot portal to launch if and when a user comes from, say, a Google search, social media, or another website!

Wait...what are Referrer URLs?

Great question! To put it simply, Referrer URLs are webpages that a user comes from after clicking a link that sends them to a different destination or page. The “from” URL is the referrer URL.

For example, if you quickly searched on Google for a pasta recipe and you saw top ads for different recipes; if you clicked on one of them, you’ll be sent to a different website, like Buzzfeed Tasty or the Food Network. acted as the referrer URL that ultimately sent you to a different site!

How can this enhance chatbots?

When using Instabot for different campaigns, you can set each conversation to appear on your website when a user comes from a specific location, whether it’s from an ad campaign on Google, Twitter, or Email.

By tracking referrer URLs, you can quickly see how often users are coming to your site and interacting with your Instabots, and where they are coming from. Does it look like more people are googling your information and interacting with bots targeted to new users? Perhaps you have tons of engagement on social media ads, so followers are engaging with a chatbot after seeing a popular post on Twitter.

With this quick and easy feature, you can become more robust and creative with different advertising and affiliate campaigns to specifically target users who come frequently from different places on the internet.

How is it set up?

You can quickly configure this in the ‘Triggers’ tab of your Instabot. Simply go to your bot builder and..

  1. Go to ‘Triggers’

  2. Scroll down to “Where” your Instabot will appear to a user

  3. Click “+URL” and set it to “Referrer URL”

  4. Type in the URL where your user will be coming from (i.e.

Formatting Referral URL within the Instabot portal 

Formatting Referral URL within the Instabot portal 

That’s it! Your Instabot will now be displayed to all users who come from this Referrer URL!

If you have any questions about this feature or would like to test it out for yourself, send us an email at and we’d be happy to get you started!