Enhance User Targeting with Advanced Filters

Want to know exactly what kind of people are talking to your bot? With detailed information and insights about users, you can determine the best way to contact each user based on their preferences.

Our new Advanced Filter feature makes targeting messaging a much easier process for bot builders and administrators.

Advance Filter search streamlines the process of finding out who has interacted with your bot, and what kind of user they are.

You can sift through your users based on a number of categories, including:

  •          user properties,
  •          goal completion,
  •          user behaviors, and
  •          conversation engagements.

For example: Say an e-commerce site wants to launch a bot featuring a holiday deal to commemorate Memorial Day to their U.S. based users. Using Advanced Filter search, bot owners could easily filter all their users based on their location, and target the appropriate conversation to only those users. No need to have the bot launch to users in Argentina or France, where the holiday is not celebrated and therefore does not apply.

You can group everyone that has interacted with your bots, curating lists based on specific conditions and behavior demonstrated while in bot conversation.

Identify people to target dissemination of information, specific messaging and communications based on properties like: business industry, geographic location, and bots they have engaged with.

With different user segments, you can reach users with information that is relevant to their needs and interests, and incorporate these filters to target your bots.

How to Access This Feature

Access to this feature won’t be officially be live for users of our portal until Monday, June 4th, but it is really simple to use!

After logging into the portal,

  1. Go onto the “Users” section in the left hand toolbar.
  2. Across the top, select the “Advanced” tab
  3. There will be a dropdown menu of “Conditions” to select from. You can select one of four options:
    • Goal Completion
    • User Behavior
    • User Property
    • Conversation
  4. This selection leads to a process of choosing additional filters & narrowing down search terms.
  5. Once the selection of conditional filters is complete, simply hit “Apply” to see the resulting list of users that meet your search criteria.

Pro Tip: You can also curate lists of users by filtering using multiple different conditions.

Remember, while this feature is not presently available, it will be rolled out on Monday, June 4, 2018.

If you have any questions on how to use this feature, feel free to contact us at info@instabot.io.