Create Specific Bot Alerts for Different Departments in Your Company

Instabot just released a new feature allowing you to alert specific people or teams based on the behavior of a user on your bot! We’re calling it “Goal Based Lead Routing”.

For those unaware of Instabot ‘Goals’, they’re exactly what they sound like! Whenever a user reaches a certain point in your bot that you mark as a goal, Instabot will automatically be able to track that. You can use goals to be notified via email or Zapier (Learn more about Zapier features here) that a user has reached that point so that YOU can take action.

Great! Now what is the “Lead Routing” part?

Whether your team is small or large, every member has a designated role/expertise such as customer support, sales, PR, etc.  Oftentimes, users who engage with bots will be looking for different answers and asking various questions - on topics that specific people or teams within your company really excel at handling.

With that in mind, Instabot created a feature that allows you to intelligently route your leads to those different teams based on a user’s needs and behavior, utilizing the Goal function.

What are some use cases?

  1.  Whenever a user gives your bot information such as their email, name, or phone number, you can use goals to forward that lead to your sales team.

  2.  If a user asks a technical question that’s best left for your product team, then you can forward that request to them!

  3.  If a user engages with a highly-targeted, one time, campaign related bot, you can forward any goals reached within that bot to relevant stakeholders.

The great part about this feature is that anyone in your organization can be added to be alerted. Meaning, they do not have to be an Instabot account holder.

How do I set this up?

It’s really simple! After you have set your goals in the Conversation Tree:

  1. Go to the ‘Alerts’ tab of the bot

  2. Toggle Email Alerts to “On” (if you haven’t already done so)

  3. Under “Generate On”, choose ‘Goal Completion’

  4. Set your Frequency

  5. Add the emails or listservs where you would like the Alerts to be routed


That’s it! You’ve successfully setup Alerts to be sent to the relevant people all based on your Goals.

If you have any questions about this feature or would like to test it out for yourself, send us an email at and we’d be happy to get you started!