Announcing Our New Bot-First Live Chat!

We’ve just launched a new feature to leverage live chat seamlessly within Instabots!

Now you can instantly speak to prospects or users who have more sophisticated inquiries. This new feature will allow you to use team resources and time more effectively as Instabot handles repetitive, common inquiries and initial qualification. You can easily monitor the bot conversation and talk to prospects and customers at any time where you can add value.

Bots are a great first point of contact, and with our new Live Chat feature, you can take the bot experience further. This feature enhances chatbots already operating on your site, adding flexibility by combining smart automated communication with human conversation, and giving you the best of both worlds.

Why Live Chat?

Live Chat in Action

Live Chat in Action

We know that time is a major factor in getting users to convert. And we’ve been exploring product improvements to make Instabot a better tool to help increase conversions.

Instabot’s live chat takeover is a solution that removes the worry of missing out on connecting with a great lead. Sometimes that’s not an issue, because the lead has fully engaged in the bot conversation and provided contact information which will allow for your team to easily follow-up.

That’s the ideal scenario.

With this feature, you’ll be able to know when a user on your site started engaging with a bot. You can observe their conversation to help determine if they are qualified right on the spot. Jump right in and connect with them while they are on your site, when their level of interest is highest. This goes a long way towards combating drop-off, and decreasing issues of missed connections with promising leads.

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A Different Type of Live Chat

One of the challenges with traditional live chat is that someone needs to be constantly available to attend to customers. If users wait for more than a minute or two, they often abandon your site.

Instabot Bot-First Live Chat eliminates this obstacle customers by engaging with users right away. Your team can choose to take over the chat at the right time and place in the user’s journey.

Chatbots are always working on your site around the clock to collect contact information, help users navigate the site, push information to users, and more. As users become available for live chat, reach a key point in the conversation, or become qualified prospects, you will receive a browser push notification or notification via email.


During time periods that team members are available, they can step in to chat with users and message in real time. If they are not available to manage live chat, the bot will continue to chat as usual, uninterrupted.  With this hybrid approach, nothing slips through the cracks and your brand is never offline. When questions need to be escalated for follow-up, chatbots automatically route questions to the appropriate team, based on user interactions and responses.


How Does This Help You?

Only Speak to Qualified Prospects

As the first line of offense, bots do the heavy lifting, taking on the initial task of qualifying users to determine the best leads for your business and services. Through chatbot conversation, Instabot will push unqualified leads out of the funnel and push them through a nurturing conversation, and alert you when qualified leads are on your site, so you can take over the bot conversation and communicate directly with the best leads.


Increase Efficiency in Using Time & Resources

Traditionally, users select to “Talk to a Representative” whenever they want (or think they need human assistance). Most of the time, agents are faced with the same frequently asked questions. Worse yet, they might have to deal with trolls who don’t have a serious question or an immediate need for help and are just interested in wasting time.

With this feature, the decision to take over and chat is only initiated from the administrator’s side, so no time needs to be spent talking to visitors that don’t need live assistance or are not qualified leads. Time will not be wasted chatting with each person coming through your site, but rather, it’s a more selective process and teammates will live chat only when resources are available and/or it is necessary.

Bot-First Live Chat vs Traditional Live Chat

Bot-First Live Chat vs Traditional Live Chat

Get Started with Live Chat

The Live Chat functionality will be available on the Instabot portal beginning Friday, July 6th!

The Instabot portal features a new tab titled “Conversations”, where administrators can handle everything related to live chat. The “Conversations” tab archives past conversations that have occurred in the bot as well as live, ongoing bot conversations for monitoring.

Access live chat with the new Conversations tab in the portal

Access live chat with the new Conversations tab in the portal

Upon release, all users can use the “Conversations” tab to see conversations occurring in their chatbots. Bot-First Live Chat is in its beta testing phase, so, while users can monitor live conversations, the option to “Takeover” a bot conversation to chat is not currently available to everyone in the portal.

If you would like to utilize our Bot-First Live Chat function in your bots, contact our team at, and we can get you started!