Quick Click Integrations!

You’re constantly looking for ways to make your job easier, increase productivity, and kill two (or more) birds with one stone--who isn't? Our team is consistently working to make our product easier to use, and help you accomplish your workflow goals.

Integrations are a key component for using the data and insights collected by Instabots to inform your sales process, customer service process, marketing targeting, and more through day-to-day services like your CRM systems and email manager.

Our Zapier partnership makes Instabot available to integrate bots with thousands of popular services and applications. Now, the addition of pre-configured integrations and webhooks sections in the Instabot builder makes the process of integrating third-party and external services with Instabot even faster and simpler!


Why is this Helpful?

The Integrations and Webhooks pages are an easy-to-find landing for Instabot’s native integrations, making connection a breeze. With the most popular integrations pre-configured in the portal, this page eliminates the extra time and work needed to research and find endpoint API keys, and ultimately connect your Instabot to third-party platforms. Now you can connect Instabots to external services in 15 minutes, as opposed to what might have previously taken you an hour.

These new pages provide all the information you will need to complete integrations, in one place. Now all you have to do is go into the Instabot portal, select the service you’d like to integrate with your bots, and the key items you need are right at your fingertips. Some of the integrations currently built-in include: Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, to easily connect bot data to inform your business processes.

Service Integrations

Service Integrations

Popular webhooks connections to Google Custom Search, Giphy, and Dialogflow, will enhance bot conversations with the ability to pull relevant information from an API and dynamically respond to users with more personalized conversation, i.e. the weather for their town, or smart NLP responses to free text questions.

You can add custom webhooks for APIs that will further enhance and personalize the bot experience for your users. Once the custom webhooks are configured, they are set with your account, listed under your webhooks for repeated use.

Webhooks Integrations

Webhooks Integrations

Users can suggest integrations that would be useful for your business workflow, so our team can add services to the default dashboard. The list of out-of-the-box service and webhook integrations is growing. With user collaboration and suggestions, we can better understand your workflows and help optimize the Instabot administrative experience.


How to Access this Feature?

After logging into the portal,

1) Hover over the “Bots” tab to see two options: Overview and Integrations.

2) Select ‘Integrations’ to see Instabot’s out-of-the-box integrations

The two tabs distinguish integrations with external services and integrations that will pull data into bot conversations using webhooks.

3) In the ‘Integrations’ page, you can select the service or webhook integration you wish to connect to.

For service integrations, you will see what is required to complete the integration as well as provide your API keys, then you're ready to connect!  (Note: many of our integrations require a Zapier account.)

For webhooks, the hard work of filling out the form with request parameters is done, and you simply need to input your authentication key corresponding to the service you're connecting.


For more information on configuring integrations, check out our documentation for in-depth steps on how to connect your bots with our most popular external platform integrations.


If you need additional assistance, contact our team at help@instabot.io!