Turn Typeforms into Instabots in Minutes

Are you currently using Typeforms on your site to do lead qualification, and are interested in a more conversational and effective alternative? If yes, read on!

What if you were able to combine the beauty and simplicity of your typeforms and add in:

  • A friendly, conversational, and personalized user-experience for each visitor

  • Enough smarts to ask different questions based on the visitor’s previous answers

  • The ability to intelligently notify you when a visitor gives you key pieces of info, or answers specific questions in a certain way

  • Save time for users who may not be a good fit by qualifying them out instead of forcing them to finish an entire form

  • Gain information about your users even if they abandon midway (and better yet, give them intelligent, and personalized messages based on their previous answers next time they return)

All of this is possible with Instabot and more!

We’ve gotten a ton of customer feedback that while they love Instabot, manually migrating their existing typeforms just takes too much time and effort. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new feature that will convert all your typeforms into Instabot in less than 5 minutes! Sound interesting?  See how to migrate your typeforms below!

1. After connecting your Typeform account to Instabot, select the typeforms to import

Connect and import your typeform(s)

Connect and import your typeform(s)

2. Review and modify your imported typeform as needed, then publish the bot

Review the imported typeform

Review the imported typeform

3. Now, let’s see the finished product, your typeform now even more powerful as a bot!

As reference, here’s your original typeform

The original typeform

The original typeform

After you’ve imported your typeforms into Instabot, you can do even more powerful things that you would never be able to do in Typeform like connect Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) easily and seamlessly into your bot!

Jimmy NgComment