Trigger Emails: Instabot Adds “Send an Email” Node

Now you can trigger customized emails based off of user actions (without needing a third-party tool like Zapier.) For example, if someone books a demo, you can automate an email to the user with the following:

1.      What they should expect

2.      Your contact information if they need to change the appointment

3.      A welcome email upon sign-up

What is it?
We have a new node type called, “Send an Email” which will be an invisible trigger to your users that send emails as people reach certain points in the conversation. Creating a triggered email takes about 5-6 minutes the first time you set it up and less than 1 minute thereafter.

1.    Choose the email sender: Select an email address you would like to use as the sender. First go to the Integrations page and select “Send an Email”.


Next, type in the email address you would like emails SENT from and click the button, “Authenticate Email”. Later, you’ll configure which email address they should GO to. If you don’t enter an email address here, emails will come from by default.

 2.    Verify the email address: The email you authenticate will receive an email from asking to verify.  Click “Verify the email address” to authenticate.

0.6Email Node_1.png
0.7Email Node_1.png

3.   Collect the “To: Email Address”: If you’re using the Send an Email node to message the user who is currently interacting with the bot, you’ll need to collect their email address.

You’ll choose “+ Node” and then “Email Address” node (not to be confused with “Send an email”!). So first add a node that says, “What is your email address?” and then click, “Add Node”.


4.    Add the email node: Now go to the Bot Builder and click “+Node” and “Advanced”. When the bot editor opens, it will automatically capture the “To:” email address you entered above, so you can leave the default field. If you’d like to send the email to someone else, you can override this with any email address you’d like. Then add your Subject line or any address you want to CC. You can enter the email copy in the body of the email. Our first version is text-based and HTML Compatible (so make sure you use HTML for spacing etc). Enter the copy of the email in the “Body” section and then “Add Node”.

And you’re set! Once the user gets to this part of the conversation, an email will automatically be sent to the user of the chatbot!

2Email Node_1.png

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