Easily Build Bots and Launch Them in Minutes

We created Instabot for the most non-technical users. It's so easy, you can have your intern create, launch, and manage your bots.

BUILD: Use our simple platform to easily build automated bot conversations. Endow your bots with scrolling images, beautiful videos, or pull in customer information (e.g. preferences, favorites, past purchases, etc.) Or we can build your first bot for you! 

DESIGN: Give you bot custom logos, colors, backgrounds, fonts, and more. Design your bot to be seamless within your website, app, or e-mail.  

TRIGGER + LAUNCH: Decide when your bot appears to your users. Launch based on user behavior: hanging on a page for 20 seconds, tapping a button, making a purchase, etc. 

Engagement rates are typically between 60-80%.
You can create and launch them in no time. And you can try for free.