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Instabot is a conversion chatbot that understands your users' needs, provides information, and converts them into action quickly and effectively.

You can build, integrate, and launch Instabot into your website, mobile app or email in 20 minutes or less. Moreover, our bot comes equipped with REST APIs so it can use information from your CRM, inventory systems, website and more. Once deployed, you can see rich analytics and edit your bot on the fly. Make the most of bots by leveraging them within your existing platforms. 


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Increase Conversions

Spend hours analyzing where your users drop off? Need to identify why people don't convert? Simply ask in real-time while people are making decisions on your site or in your app. Give people the right information at the right time so they can take action.

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Understand Users

Use Instabot as a secondary onboarding experience for your users to gather nuanced preferences and demographics (e.g. how often does your target user eat out, etc). Use the data to curate the user experience and personalize your marketing strategies. All user responses are saved in their user profile for you to refer back to anytime.


Decrease Cart Abandonment

Businesses lose $260 billion each year to shopping cart abandonment. You can easily decrease this by identifying why people are leaving (e.g. shipping costs are too high), or giving them more information that may improve their shopping experience (e.g. the package will arrive by Mother's Day). Instabot has proven to help prevent customers from abandoning their cart.



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Easily Build Bots
& Launch in Minutes

We created Instabot for the most non-technical users. So easy, your intern can build your bots.


BUILD: Use our simple platform to easily build automated bot conversations. Endow your bots with scrolling images, beautiful videos, or pull in customer information (e.g. preferences, favorites, past purchases, etc.) with REST APIs. We can build your first bot for you! 


DESIGN: Give your bot custom logos, colors, backgrounds, fonts, and more. Decide if you want rounded corners or straight, and the size of the bot on the screen. Our customization features allow Instabot to fit seamlessly into your website, app, or e-mail.  


TARGET: Choose who you want your Instabot to target. From a general audience to specific segmentation groups (power users, lapsed users), you decide who you want your Instabot to reach.

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LAUNCH: Deploy your Instabot based on user behavior: hanging on a page for 20 seconds, tapping a button, making a purchase and much more. Decide whether you want to launch the Instabot in your website, app, or via a URL that can be placed in your e-mail or social media. 


Gather Detailed User Preferences + Demographics

Each time a customer chats with an Instabot, all their answers will be saved in their user profile. Easily create user segments based on their responses. Target these segments with additional chatbots or  with a personalized e-mail marketing campaign. All information is available in an API that can be sent to your CRM systems, or can be downloaded into Excel. 

See Full Conversation Flow

Instabot analytics are fully-transparent. Identify users who responded, and see how they flowed through the conversation. You can also identify where people engaged and abandoned the bot, so you can  optimize both your site, app, and future bots. 


A/B Test Your Bots

The key to excellent conversion is A/B testing. Launch bots for certain sample sizes, certain time frames, or for specific user segments. Easily A/B test bots so you can quickly identify which bots are leading to higher conversions, or specific desired actions.  

Add Instabot
In Minutes
We can even add it for you. Just let us know. 

Instabot takes minutes to add to your website, mobile app or email. You have a couple of options.

You can add Instabot yourself. We have step-by-step instructions and SDK documentation and our technical team can walk you through the process over the phone. Or we offer white-glove service and can integrate Instabot for you. 

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